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Wow! What a surprise when we were on our last sunset cruise! We anchored at The Heads on a somewhat overcast day — the water was surprisingly warm so it was very tempting to jump in, and linger longer… which our guests duly did. The water temperature was a fantastic 24 degrees. After a glass or two of wine, we slowly headed back, only to discover that our guests weren’t the only ones who enjoyed the water temperature! There, in the water, was a rather large seal, bobbing up and down and teasing a fish in it mouth before it was gobbled down. He was having so much fun that we lingered longer there too, to observe the comical spectacle the seal was putting on for us! Never a dull moment on our beautiful, ever-changing Knysna lagoon. Our guests are just loving our chilled cruises in this magnificent weather with our very knowledgeable and entertaining skipper – John.  

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