Baking for Christmas

On Christmas Eve Ruby, the daughter of our owner (Mandy) popped in to Headlands House to help Riane (our manager) with the preparation of “snowballs” for Christmas morning for our guests. She and Riane had great fun in the kitchen and the result of their efforts was not only pleasing on the eye, but jolly delicious too!

Riane is an excellent cook/baker and Headlands House is fast becoming known for her delicious home made crunchies. Being a typical South African biscuit, she decided to try them out on some guests recently and they were an instant hit. As a result, Riane now has to make sure there are always crunchies displayed for guests to enjoy with a cuppa or just as a snack in their room or while they enjoy the sun on our deck. Thank you Riane for introducing this to Headlands House!

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