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Wild birds and Drones

We have just had a wonderful little family staying with us from Dusseldorf. Luisa is nearly 3 and what a well mannered and delightful little girl she is. Our fork tailed dronga (one of the wild birds in our area) finally came and sat on her hand at breakfast time on their last day here and helped herself to cheese, thanks to Riane (our manager) for assisting her to keep still when the bird did land on her hand. Little Luisa was extremely pleased with herself after that!

Her dad Ben has in his possession one of the latest drones with incredible technology and he had great fun flying his drone from our deck. He was kind enough to share some of his photos with us. We know we live in a magnificent place, but to see our area from above just makes us appreciate where we are even more! The colour of the sea and the cleanliness of it is truly a sight for sore eyes! One does not need to go all the way to Mauritius to see beautiful, pristine turquoise sea… just come to Headlands House and you can see that from our deck!

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